Building Climate Future Plots will help improve the resilience of your region’s plant and animal species in our changing climate – and provide a ready source of climate-adjusted seed and plant data to keep your restoration activities rolling.

Greening Australia and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) have worked with a range of organisations to develop guidelines for community groups and agencies to build Climate Future Plots.

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Climate Future Labs

To introduce the guide, Greening Australia ran a series of Climate Future Labs for groups in Victoria, introducing the principles behind these experimental plots and how to plan revegetation under a changing climate, including working out what your future climate will look like, and how to select the appropriate species and provenances to plant.

If there is sufficient interest, we are considering running online sessions for groups on Climate Future Plots.

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DIY Climate Future Lab
In the meantime, we are making the presentations from our Climate Future Lab series available here, so you can easily access extra info about the steps involved in setting up and monitoring Climate Future Plots from the comfort of your own home:

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The more of these experimental plots we have across Australia, the more we can learn.

If you and your group set up a Climate Future Plot, please register it here, so we can keep track of where these are set up across the country.

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