From our beginnings in 1982, the International Year of the Tree, Greening Australia has grown to become a force for nature in this country.

We turn science-led, nature-based solutions into practical action for Australia, rebuilding landscapes and restoring biodiversity on a very large scale. This work is underpinned and driven by close relationships with community at all levels.

We cannot achieve our ambitious goals for tackling Australia’s biggest environmental challenges without support from people who value nature as we do.

Our members share our belief that people thrive when nature thrives. They share our urgency in wanting to act NOW on climate change and nature loss, and support our capability to accelerate practical restoration of Australian landscapes.

You naturally want to have confidence in the integrity, values and capability of any organisation you consider supporting as a member. We are a proudly independent and apolitical not-for-profit, owned by voting community members who also appoint our Board.

Representatives from Mungalla Station, a Reef Aid program site in Queensland, stand by a wetland overlooking a bright yellow and orange sunset.


Healthy and productive landscapes where people and nature thrive

A large green tractor, towing a machine seeding machine, ploughs a field of green grass, leaving behind streaks of orange/brown dirt wherein seeds are planted. It is a clear day with blue sky and a few clouds dispersed through the skyline.


To rebuild nature by connecting community, economy and environment in ways that benefit all

Three people stand in a field of green, slightly dry grass that is knee-height. There is a man on the left with brown, short hair and a black puffer jacket, a woman in the middle with a dark blue cap, black puffer jacket and jeans, and a woman on the right with a tan, wide-brimmed hat,long, blonde hair and a navy blue button-up shirt. All three are smiling.


1. We put people first
2. We take action to find solutions
3. We collaborate for impact, we need each other
4. We are accountable for our commitments

We have been a trusted delivery partner of governments for decades, and tender for government-funded programs and grants like any other not-for-profit, but do not receive any level of baseline government funding.

Over the years we have significantly increased our income from the corporate sector, and also from the philanthropic, corporate trust and foundation sector.

The support of our members is special, though, because it’s personal. Our members share our vision, mission and values, and stand beside us and our work.

As a member, you add your voice to ours in calling for a transformational decade of ecosystem restoration, and in supporting rapid collaborative action on climate change and biodiversity loss.

Will you stand with us for people and nature?