Our Vision: Healthy, productive landscapes where people and nature thrive

We are an environmental enterprise that thinks big to tackle the challenges facing Australia’s unique and diverse landscapes in ways that work for communities, economies and nature.

We started conserving and restoring Australia’s landscapes in 1982 and we haven’t stopped since. At Greening Australia, we work to solve bold and complex environmental problems through conservation on a massive scale, with programs and projects spanning the breadth of the country and protecting hundreds of native species.

We aim to bring life to landscapes and restore balance to the natural environment in significant areas across Australia, from the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the cool island ark of Tasmania.

With teams in 20 locations around the country and 130 staff, we’re a proudly independent not-for-profit organisation.

We provide industry leadership through the sharing of knowledge, community ownership and the latest science and innovation. By involving large numbers of people and partners on the ground – from local volunteers to major corporations – we can achieve much more than we could alone.

We are committed to conservation through collaboration, embracing the cultural and traditional values and perspectives of all of our landholders and stakeholders and engaging a culturally rich and diverse workforce that seeks and accepts challenges. Together these are helping us to achieve our goal; to remove the barriers to effective, large-scale conservation.