Grazing landscapes cover large areas of Australia and are important for food and livelihoods, and also as a home for our native plants and animals. Land degradation is impacting both the productivity and biodiversity of our grazing landscapes.

From worn out paddocks to eroding gullies to weed-infested waterbodies, we work with landholders to restore a variety of landscapes and ecosystems. Our team of experts have the experience, skills and knowledge to restore health and productivity to marginal, degraded land in any part of Australia.

Here are some examples of solutions for restoring land that’s hard to farm, which we can tailor to your circumstances.

​Shade Shelter Fodder®

Our regenerative planting methods are specifically designed to be profitable for landholders and support regional communities, while at the same time producing biodiversity and climate benefits.

Where feed is a limiting factor for stock (often drier, sandier environments) our Shade Shelter Fodder® system can put biodiverse browse species back into paddocks.

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Whole of Paddock Rehabilitation

In wetter environments where feed is more available, our Whole of Paddock Rehabilitation method focuses on stock protection and drought resilience.

With the support of landholders, governments, and investors, this Nature-based Solution can be scaled up to achieve substantial benefits for both people and nature.​

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Gully, riverbank and wetland restoration

Soil loss, nutrient loss and water pollution are major issues for both agricultural productivity and the environment. Greening Australia stops these issues at the source by rebuilding eroding gullies and riverbanks to keep valuable soil on farm, and constructing or restoring wetlands to filter excess nutrients from water. These solutions are applicable across the country. However, in Queensland’s Reef catchments, these Nature-based Solutions can now produce Reef Credits by reducing water pollutants to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

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Farm Trees

We help landholders from broadacre farmers to treechangers to integrate biodiverse native plantings with their property plans, and deliver works that fit the lifestyle and operations of the property and the broader landscape.

Every project looks different, but you can be sure our constant focus is using the best science to rebuild landscapes and deliver great outcomes for both people and nature. Whether you want to stabilise slippage on a hillside or bring back rare frogs – you name it and we can help nature to help you.

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