Nature-based solutions protect and restore ecosystems in ways that benefit communities, economies and the environment, to build a more resilient, biodiverse and sustainable planet.

Such solutions have great potential to address the two biggest issues of our time: biodiversity loss and climate change. It is estimated that nature-based solutions could contribute over one third of the total climate mitigation needed by 2030, while simultaneously improving soil health, air and water quality, and biodiversity.

Greening Australia is drawing on decades of restoration expertise to develop science-led, investible solutions that can be applied at landscape scale to make a measurable impact. We are focused on five key markets.


Our key markets

A female staff member in a rainbow polk-a-dot raincoat and orange high vis vest oversees the measuring of a tree's width.


A recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates the world will pass 1.5°C warming in 2040 if we continue as we are. To curb emissions and capture historic emissions at sufficient scale, we need a transformational decade of change. Removing atmospheric carbon through large-scale diverse tree planting provides an immediate opportunity to reduce impacts of climate change, while providing long-term benefits to nature, communities and the economy. Our carbon business, Biodiverse Carbon, leads the Australian market in high quality carbon credits from biodiverse native forest rehabilitation.

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A Carnaby's Black Cockatoo (with predominantly black feathers and a white beak) sits perched on a gum tree eating a green gum nut.


The world’s natural assets and biodiversity contribute an estimated $125-140 trillion USD to the global economy each year. Through climate impacts, pollution and land use change, it’s estimated that 1 million species face extinction – many within decades – unless we change our ways. As Australia’s leading environmental restoration organisation, Greening Australia is a trusted national provider of high quality, science-led outcomes for biodiversity. Through the diversity of species utilised, the habitat connections we create in the landscape, and the threatened wildlife supported, every Greening Australia project maximises benefits for biodiversity.

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The United Nations declared 2021–2030 the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, aiming to prevent, halt and reverse ecosystem degradation worldwide. With half of global gross domestic product (GDP) moderately or highly dependent on nature, the economic imperative of minimising and offsetting supply chain impacts is increasingly recognised. Demand for services that protect, enhance and restore nature is set to escalate over the next decade and beyond. Greening Australia’s large-scale environmental restoration programs are designed to meet this growing need.

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A long-spanning river leads toward the ocean. It is surrounded by greenery.

Water Quality

Greening Australia’s gully, river and wetland restoration projects deliver measurable improvements in water quality, protecting the health of ecosystems and generating co-benefits for local communities and economies. For example, we are helping protect the Great Barrier Reef by developing methods that generate Reef Credits — tradeable units that represent a quantifiable reduction in water pollutants. This water quality credit model is transferrable to other critical catchment systems; for example, the Murray-Darling Basin.

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Australia’s native seed sector requires rapid growth and transformational change to meet the soaring demand for nature-based solutions. Greening Australia has a proud history of supplying native Australian seeds, supporting restoration, revegetation and reforestation-based solutions. We are rising to the supply challenge by building a national network of seed collectors and investigating new ways to produce seed in key locations across the country.

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