Greening Australia team members are out in the field in a constant seasonal cycle of planning, planting, and monitoring.

That means we see and hear firsthand the impacts of climate change on the communities and the landscapes where we live and work.

Australia is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, with a rise in average temperatures and long-term changes in our rainfall already evident, as well as more intense and damaging storms, longer fire seasons and more extreme fire weather.

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What is climate-ready restoration?

From multi-generational First Nations perspectives on Australia’s unique landscapes to the latest climate future models from research institutes – climate-ready restoration involves synthesising all the knowledge available to predict change and develop practical solutions that help nature and communities adapt to climate change.

We can use this knowledge to ‘learn by doing’ – taking on-ground action and replicating experiments across the country to develop and implement high-impact nature-based solutions that reduce climate risk and increase economic and ecological diversity in our landscapes.

Our ability to help nature prepare for and respond to climate change will require a new scale of intervention as well as prototyping and testing new technologies.

Importantly, it will also require new ways of thinking. Acting now with ecological renovation initiatives is essential if we want to keep our great Australian landscapes for generations to come.

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Partnering with WWF-Australia

An Australia that’s prepared and strong enough to withstand the impacts of a changing climate – this is the future we’re working towards, and everyone has a role to play.

Greening Australia and WWF-Australia are proudly partnering to deliver a science-led plan for climate-ready restoration nationwide.

Together, we’ll work to mainstream and scale up effective, nature-based solutions. By doing so, we can ensure a future where both people and nature thrive.

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