Helping the next generation enjoy a healthy environment

After you have looked after your loved ones, a bequest to Greening Australia is a powerful gift that will make an impact for generations to come. By remembering Greening Australia in your Will, your legacy will continue to help establish biodiverse Australian landscapes through collaborative, science-based and innovative environmental restoration programs.

Australia’s precious ecosystems and unique wildlife are under threat. We are seeing the impacts of climate change and habitat loss every day, from natural disasters to the extinction of precious flora and fauna.

With Greening Australia, your generous gift – whether big or small – will help plant half a billion native trees and shrubs by 2030. We will restore 330,000 hectares of wildlife habitat, stop 400,000 tonnes of sediment from polluting the Great Barrier Reef each year, and capture 3.3 million tonnes of carbon per annum, mitigating climate change.


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