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Building strong partnerships is the only way to achieve our ambitious conservation and landscape restoration goals. Support from major businesses across Australia is crucial for building awareness and providing vital funding for our onground work, whilst our delivery partners enable us to achieve far more than we could alone.

Our approach to partnerships

We believe that all partnerships must be mutually beneficial to succeed, so we take a strategic and flexible approach to deliver positive results for everyone – and the environment.

We build partnerships because working with others is the only way to achieve our ambitious conservation and landscape restoration goals. From businesses to local communities, we want as many people on board as possible.

Meeting the needs of your business

No two organisations are the same, so we’re committed to establishing strong partnerships that meet your business’s individual needs. That way we can work better together to create maximum benefit for the environment.

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Like me, Virgin Australia is passionate about doing what we can to help save one of the most complex and beautiful natural systems on earth, the Great Barrier Reef. Our partnership with Greening Australia will make a real difference at halting soil erosion onto the Reef and improving water quality.

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder

Proud Partners

Our partnership with the country’s biggest hotel operator is boosting the ongoing restoration of some of Australia's most significant landscapes and helping thousands of hotel guests to make a difference.
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In 2016, we joined forces with Virgin Australia to launch Reef Aid, a powerful new initiative to reduce soil erosion and improve water quality on the iconic Great Barrier Reef.
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From 2017, we’ve partnered with Officeworks to deliver ‘Restoring Australia’, an Australian retail-first initiative that sees two trees planted for every one used, based on the weight of paper-based products customers buy at Officeworks.
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Alcoa of Australia has supported Greening Australia in partnership since 1982, making this the longest community - business partnership in Australia, achieving significant environmental onground outcomes.
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Proud Business Supporters

To encourage people to bring their own mugs and reduce waste, Café Brindabella in Canberra charges customers a 20 cent 'Greening Levy' for takeaway cups. The funds raised enable Greening Australia to assist local landowners to undertake critical revegetation on their farms.
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The WOMADelaide festival has reduced its ecological footprint by cutting its energy consumption and adopting environmentally friendly principles. Carbon dioxide emissions that cannot be avoided are offset through Greening Australia’s strategic revegetation, effectively turning waste into wildlife.
Since 2010, we have been working with Icon Water to improve water quality in the ACT’s drinking water catchment by engaging rural landowners in riparian restoration projects.
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Winner of the NSW Premiers Public Sector Award in 2011, TransGrid’s GreenGrid partnership with Greening Australia directly engages farmers and the wider community to conserve, grow and plant native vegetation, and improve understanding and practice of natural resource management.
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Pack & Send are committed to helping Greening Australia turn vulnerable Australian landscapes into places where people and nature thrive.
Eco-retailer, Biome, is partnering with Greening Australia to offset their delivery emissions and to support valuable local onground work. Biome’s donation contributes directly to Reef Aid which is working to improve water quality on the Great Barrier Reef. The retailers funding is further amplified by the Federal Government’s dollar-for-dollar matched support for Reef Aid. The partnership confirms Biome’s ongoing mission of sustainable and ethical retailing.
Boody’s support of Greening Australia reaffirms the brand’s vision of helping people feel better in a better world. Through their membership with 1% for the Planet, the creator of earth-friendly bamboo essentials donates a portion of their online sales to support our on-ground work.
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NAOS Asset Management, an award-winning Australian investment firm, provides ongoing support for Reef Aid – our major program to improve water quality on the Great Barrier Reef. The partnership provides valuable funding for our on-ground work with landholders to help the reef by rebuilding eroding gullies and restoring vital coastal wetlands.

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