Our Partners

NAB Foundation

NAB Foundation’s Environmental Resilience Fund is supporting Greening Australia and WWF-Australia in delivering their signature partnership, Climate-ready Restoration, to improve natural disaster resilience within Australia.

The partnership aims to develop and mainstream an innovative nature-based solution, Green Firebreaks, and undertake a rewilding program to increase landscape resilience and reduce risk for people and nature in a changing climate.

Grey smoke rolls through the orange and blyue sky over a dark grey asphalt road in NSW.

Smoke over the road in New South Wales. Image credit: Annette Ruzicka.

Key components of the partnership will include collaborating with First Nations Peoples to engage in two-way knowledge sharing, and working with communities to demonstrate how they can implement Green Firebreaks in their local areas to mitigate bushfire risk.

Native seedlings ready for planting. Image credit: Annette Ruzicka.

This partnership recognises that climate change is an ‘all hands on deck’ scenario and we need many different types of expertise, ideas and practical knowledge to solve these global crises – engaging with diverse stakeholders will be critical to developing mitigation strategies to tackle climate change.

NAB Foundation’s Environmental Resilience Fund has been established to help support practical projects that build environmental resilience to natural disasters and climate change.

“The NAB Foundation holds great value in partnering with Greening Australia and WWF-Australia on this project. The project will help strengthen the natural environment against natural disasters and showcase the impact of large scale collaborative efforts tackling climate change.”

~ Lucy Doyle and Laura Cochrane Co-Heads, NAB Foundation

Find out more about Greening Australia and WWF-Australia’s signature partnership Climate-ready Restoration here.