The problem

Our precious environment and biodiversity are in decline. More than 1,700 species and ecological communities are known to be threatened or at risk of extinction.

Australia’s devastating 2020 bushfires burnt more than ten million hectares of our country, killing or displacing nearly three billion animals.

Major climatic events like these – intense bushfires, droughts, extreme temperatures, flooding and hailstorms – are forecasted to become the new norm, and will impact all parts of our society.

Though much of the Australian landscape can regenerate naturally given time, the scale and pace of climate change means that in many cases the environment won’t be able to adapt on its own and the places that we love will be permanently altered.

For example, since 1985, the Great Barrier Reef has lost 50% of its coral cover due to the increasing frequency of extreme climate events and continued poor water quality from land-based run-off.

The solution

To maximise our impact to tackle this problem, between now and 2030 we are focusing our efforts working with generous donors like you, our communities, landholders and businesses across Australia to deliver five key restoration programs – enabling us to achieve far more than we could alone.

We will achieve biodiverse restoration on a massive scale, covering millions of hectares of land and protecting hundreds of native plant and animal species. We plan to protect, enhance, and restore.

From the warm waters of our Great Barrier Reef to the cool island ark of Tasmania, we continue to develop and deliver practical solutions for some of Australia’s biggest environmental challenges. All in a way that works for communities, economies and nature.

We listen and act

We care about you and what you think. We recently surveyed our supporters to understand their key environmental concerns and how they would like to see Greening Australia make a difference.

The top environmental concerns are:

– Habitat loss
– Extinction of animal species/ threatened species
– Climate change and increasing carbon emissions

These are all areas in which we take direct, practical action.

Our governance

We have been around for decades. We are proudly independent, governed by an independent board, and believe in transparency. You can learn more on the ACNC Charity Register.

Each year we provide an overview of our revenue source, funding priorities and program impact in our Year in Review. You can be certain that your legacy is making the world a better place.

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