No matter how big or small, every dollar plays a critical role in restoring Australian landscapes. Your donation can make a difference in a number of ways, including but not limited to these examples.

Restoring lost habitat for wildlife

Climate change and over-clearing have created a legacy of species extinction across Australia. We are tackling biodiversity loss by rehabilitating thousands of hectares with a carefully considered, biodiverse mix of plants that are suited to local and future climate and targeted to provide food and homes for wildlife.

Whether we’re planting in Tasmania’s Midlands, Western Australia’s Wheatbelt, South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, Victoria’s Strzelecki Ranges, Queensland’s Reef Catchments, regional New South Wales or the western suburbs of Sydney, these seedlings will grow to support hundreds of species in our vulnerable ecosystems.

Photo: Kate Grarock

Photo: Jesse Collins

Building resilient farmlands

Greening Australia works with landholders across Australia to regenerate farmland, creating landscapes that are healthy, productive, ecologically stable and resilient to change.

Integrating science-led, large-scale plantings of native species into agricultural systems can provide shade and shelter for stock; stabilise vulnerable slopes; increase pollination; improve soil structure and water infiltration; and address issues like dryland salinity. Projects like these can also diversify income for farming families, for example, through carbon payments.

Helping the Great Barrier Reef

Poor water quality is one of the biggest threats to the Great Barrier Reef after climate change. Preventing harmful sediment and nutrients from reaching the Reef can help it recover faster from climate impacts such as cyclone damage and bleaching. Our Reef Aid program aims to improve water quality on the Great Barrier Reef by working with landholders, communities and Traditional Custodians to rebuild eroding gullies, revegetate landscapes and restore wetlands across the catchment. As we also establish millions of carbon-capturing trees and shrubs each year, Greening Australia is one of the only environmental organisations in Australia to be taking practical, onground action on both climate change and water quality for the Great Barrier Reef.

Greening Australia’s large-scale planting for carbon capture and habitat restoration at Peniup, WA.

Capturing carbon emissions

Australians have an average annual carbon footprint around three times greater than the global average. To reduce our impact, there are many ways we can cut down our emissions, but to truly reverse climate change and bring things back to balance, we will also need to capture carbon on a massive scale. By 2030, we aim to be sequestering a massive 3.3 million tonnes of carbon per year.

Working with First Nations Peoples

Our 40-year history is rich with strong and respectful relationships between First Nations Peoples and members of our staff. In recent years, we have sought to bring these local connections into national focus through our Thriving on Country program, which underpins and is woven through all of our programs of work. Over almost 40 years we have amassed strong technical knowledge in restoration field craft – but this is only part of what is required; to heal our Country, Traditional Custodians must have leadership roles in the restoration sector. Partnering to heal country creates a shared sense of pride and identity and opens two-way exchanges of skills and knowledge, which in turn highlights opportunities for First Nations employment and enterprise development in the growing restoration economy.

Photo: Jesse Collins

Photo: NSW Government

Informing government policy

Greening Australia has a long history of working with all levels of governments across Australia. At the legislative and policy level, we work to influence better frameworks to conserve and restore Australia’s natural landscapes, flora and fauna. We also engage regularly with politicians, often in partnership with others, to change long-term thinking, create a more integrated policy approach and achieve more holistic outcomes.

We have a track record of securing funding from governments for a wide range of projects delivering large-scale landscape restoration programs, including investment in new technology solutions and innovations to scale up our work, in turn helping the restoration sector to grow and nature to thrive.

Putting science into practice

Greening Australia are leading national restoration experts, known for taking practical, on-ground action, informed by the best available science. We are serious about maximising our impact. Our 2030 goals are aligned to scientifically established national and international targets for climate action, sustainable development, land restoration and biodiversity. We collaborate with Australia’s top universities, researchers and PhD students to ensure that our work remains leading edge and is achieving the best possible results. We question the status quo and challenge ourselves on ‘how’ – how can we plant smarter, maximising outcomes for both people and nature, with the benefit of technology, innovation and data?

Photo: Nick Wood

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