1. Get in touch with us for a confidential discussion

We encourage you to get in touch and discuss your plans. We would welcome this opportunity to discuss your interests and what you would like to achieve with your gift to help us solve the big environmental challenges.

Our scientific and operational teams continuously review the needs of landscapes across Australia, and spend at least six to twelve months planning and prioritising prior to launching a project.

If you would like your bequest to benefit a specific area, we would be pleased to help you plan accordingly. Alternatively, if you would prefer to leave your bequest in the hands of our specialists, you can be assured your legacy will be directed towards an are identified as a high priority for restoration.

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2. Choose the type of gift you would like to leave

There are many ways you can leave behind a lasting legacy. Please speak to your solicitor about this, as they will be able to best guide you. Some examples of how you can leave a gift in your will include:

  • the residue of your estate, after other bequests and costs
  • a particular asset (life insurance policy, real estate, work of art, etc.)
  • a specified sum of money
  • a percentage of your estate

3. Work with a solicitor

Once you have decided on the type of gift, you can work with a solicitor or reputable will service, providing them with your chosen charity’s details.


“I give [(a specific amount or gift) or (a percentage) or (the residue) of my estate] to Greening Australia  (ABN 40 002 963 788) to be used for [(the general purposes of Greening Australia) or (a particular purpose)].  The written receipt of the Secretary or other officer of Greening Australia may be accepted by my executors as a full and complete discharge.”

4. Let us know about your bequest

We would love to hear from you as you consider leaving a bequest, this way we can discuss your interests and thank you personally for your generosity and commitment to helping people and nature thrive.

5. Gift recognition

Please let us know if you would like your gift to be featured in our annual Year in Review, on our website, or in one of our monthly newsletters. This can be shared with your loved ones as an example of how you are restoring the Australian landscape.

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