Yarrie Station Landscape Restoration Workshop

More than fifty enthusiastic and passionate people travelled out to Yarrie Station in the east Pilbara to attend our Landscape Restoration workshop.

Pip Short, one of our organisers from Greening Australia, was extremely impressed with how the event went with a huge variety of people attending from a mix of different groups; Indigenous organisations, pastoralists, horticulturalists, environmental groups, small business owners and many others. “There was overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants with lots of networking taking place and hopefully some great new partnerships and restoration work coming out of it” she said.

All of the guest speakers were filmed and these talks will be made available to the public along with the PowerPoint presentations.

There were presentations from many experts on a range of topics including grazing trials, non-grazing trials, Cell Grazing, Mosaic pastures, carbon offsets, fire ecology, biodiversity monitoring and environmental stewardship schemes

It wasn’t all talk though as there were also practical demonstrations in the field by Darryl Hill from Soil Save, showing participants how to properly grade road ways and wash out areas to prevent erosion from occurring. Geoff Woodall and Dallas Lynch, also from Greening Australia were there with a custom-made native grass seeding machine, seeding an area with native grass and shrubs seeds that will be monitored by volunteers over the next few years.

Our Partners

The workshop was funded through our Principal Partner, BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Northern Beef Futures, the De Grey LCDC, Pew Environmental Trust and supported by the Department of Parks and Wildlife, Rangelands NRM and Moly Mines

You can view all the presentations here:

or view them individually here:

1. Blair Parsons – Pilbara Bioregion Conservation Action Plan


2. Teresa Eyre – Rangelands Monitoring for Biodiversity

3. Tim Wiley – Northern Beef Futures Mosaic Pastures

4. Chris Henggeler – Case Study – Kachana

5. David Pollock – Wooleen Landscape Regeneration

6. Sam Archer – Environmental Stewardship

7. Darryl Hill – Contour Grading Techniques

8. Peter Andrews –   Natural Sequence Farming and Rangelands Rehydration Work

9. Peter Andrews – 12 Critical Questions

10. Evan Pensini – Cell Grazing on Chella Plains

11. Peter Russell – Carbon Farming Trials and Opportunities for Pastoralists

12. Hamish Robertson – Pilbara Biodiversity Offsets (Fortescue Marsh)

13. Peter Latz – Fire Ecology in Central Australia – Fire for Restoration

14. Geoff Woodall and Dallas Lynch – Direct Seeding