Biodiversity is integral to all of Greening Australia’s Nature-based Solutions. As the market embraces Nature Positive targets, Greening Australia has been an early mover in valuing nature and quantifying biodiversity outcomes.

Biodiverse ecosystems are key to maintaining human prosperity in a changing world. Central to restoring biodiversity is replanting native vegetation. Greening Australia builds high quality and biodiverse habitat which in turn supports the delivery of ecosystems services for people.

Our 2030 activity targets include establishing 500 million native plants and 330 000 hectares of good quality habitat.

Whether it be carbon, restoration, seed or water projects, biodiversity is at the heart of what Greening Australia does. Here are some of our solutions specifically designed to target key biodiversity outcomes.

Creating Koala corridors

The Koala was listed as nationally endangered in February 2022. A key reason is loss of habitat – there simply aren’t enough trees for them to live and feed in. Greening Australia’s initial aim is to create 60,000 hectares of habitat, able to sustain 30,000 koalas. Our efforts are focused on establishing connections between existing habitat so Koalas can repopulate previous home-ranges. We are drawing on carbon finance to support this work, but also need government and private investors to help us rebuild Koala habitat and save them from extinction.​

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Urban biodiversity corridors

Australia’s cities are expanding at an unprecedented rate, leading to the loss of over 1.5 million hectares of natural green space and species habitat. Our cities are getting hotter, and people are less active and disconnected from nature. To respond to this challenge, Greening Australia is using leading science and practical solutions to restore critical corridors of climate resilient habitat in cities across Australia, in partnership with governments, business and communities. Our vision is a biodiverse, climate resilient network of gardens, parks, reserves and waterways where communities connect with nature and engage in its restoration.

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Cooling the Schools

Cooling the Schools is Greening Australia’s unique program that’s all about connecting kids to nature, empowering them to take action in communities, and creating cooler, more liveable places where both people and nature can thrive. Cooling the Schools restores tree canopy cover and native habitat on school grounds to reduce urban heat, support native pollinators, and create greener, healthier places for children to learn and explore. We have worked with over 180 schools in Sydney and Adelaide. By 2030, we aim to have partnered with 4,000 urban schools and helped students install and care for 800,000 plants. Your support can help us make Australia’s schools cool.​

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Get involved

Landholders who are interested in working with us to implement Nature-based Solutions and support biodiversity at their properties can register interest via our landholder portal.

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