Rebuilding nature at the quality and scale this country and the world needs is a complex task.

To tackle climate change and biodiversity loss, Greening Australia is bringing together people, land, seed, science and capital to ensure our restoration creates maximum impact long into the future.

The benefits of our work are many. By delivering best practice landscape restoration we are establishing biodiverse plantings, boosting water quality, storing carbon, connecting Country and community, and creating habitat that sees native wildlife return to landscapes.

Greening Australia and its subsidiary organisations worked together to deliver high impact, science-led projects to achieve these outcomes over thousands of hectares in 2023. But the world needs us to continue scaling up to restore tens of thousands of hectares across Australia, and we can’t do it alone.

We rely on a diverse, passionate array of partners including First Nations Peoples, landholders, businesses, governments, individual supporters, other not-for-profits, and community groups to help nature rebuild.

Our partners invest in us or choose to work beside us because they believe in taking practical action, and in the skill and capability of our people to deliver meaningful change for Australian landscapes. These collaborations are vital for making headway towards our ambitious 2030 goals.

To capture our collective impact more clearly, from this point on, we’re changing how we track against our 2030 goals, by counting the estimated number of hectares that the seed we sell externally helps restore. This recognises that our work in building native seed supply is critically important to enable restoration at scale — by other organisations as well as through Greening Australia’s direct restoration work.

As we near the middle of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, we’ll continue to look for ways to collaborate and connect people, nature and the economy. The coming years hold more challenges, but also hope for a nature-positive future if we do more, do it now, and do it together.

Heather Campbell

Stephen Dunne