Werrington pre-schoolers help out in our nursery

Recently some young environmental pre-schoolers from the Werrington County Children’s Centre visited us at our Oxley Park nursery.

After an informative tour of the seed area, they got to see the plants drying in the sun, the drying and storage racks inside the shedand the big sieves used for sorting the seed. The highlight for the kids was when Dave took them up to see “the really big fridge”, where the seed is stored.

They then visited Ben North in the nursery, got to walk through the green houses then had fun getting their hands dirty doing some potting up.

After enjoying their picnic lunch outside the office, the kids were given a goody bag to take home which contained a plant, information sheet, membership form and a colouring-in page) and  Mr Raf also handed out some treats!

They had such a great day they told us they’d like to visit again!