Restoring habitat for the Growling Grass Frog and Corangamite Water Skink

The Corangamite Water Skink is endangered and only lives in one location within the Victorian Volcanic Plain.

The Dreeite Nature Conservation Reserve contains large patches of Stony Knoll Shrubland, vital habitat for the Skink and the Growling Grass Frog.

The Growling Grass frog is listed as vulnerable. Its habitat once spread across large areas of south-east Australia, but their numbers have declined significantly.

We have been able to reduce threats from invasive weed species and improve vegetation by laying jute matting to help suppress weed regeneration between outcrops of shrubland, leading down to a wetland area.

1500 tubestock of native grasses and groundcover species were planted within and surrounding the matting to connect up existing patches of native vegitation to exand the habitat and provide the skink and frog with greater areas for movement aorund the wetland system.

Gordon TAFE Conservation and Land Management students participated in the day of ground works and were also taken a cultural walk and talk conducted by an Aboriginal Heritage Officer from Parks Victoria engaging students to learn about the significant Aboriginal history of the area.