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Three Rivers, One Estuary Initiative

The Alcoa Foundation’s Three Rivers, One Estuary Initiative is delivering on-ground and in-water environmental actions in consultation with the community, to improve the health of the Peel-Harvey Catchment.

Through the initiative, we are continuing our long partnership with Alcoa to improve the health of key Peel Waterways through a multi-agency and community approach.


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The Peel Harvey estuarine system of Western Australia consists of two interconnected shallow lagoons, the Peel Inlet and the Harvey Estuary, into which the three major rivers, the Murray, Serpentine and Harvey, discharge.

The system includes a wetland of international significance which is home to an abundant array of wildlife including tens of thousands of waterbirds.

The Challenge

This culturally, economically and environmentally important estuarine system is at significant risk from a range of threats including land clearing (75% of the land in the estuary has been cleared) and agricultural land use, development, recreational land use and climate change.

These threats are impacting heavily on the waterways and its inhabitants, increasing pest plant and animal populations, degrading habitat, and increasing erosion and salinity.

The Solution

Through the ‘Three Rivers, One Estuary Initiative’ funded by the Alcoa Foundation, Greening Australia and other committed organisations are working to improve the health of these three key Peel Waterways.

Through the initiative, we are working in partnership with industry, community and local land management groups on priority projects across the Peel region to improve the condition of the Serpentine, Murray and Harvey Rivers, reverse habitat loss and integrate large-scale restoration and carbon sinks into the Peel-Harvey’s fragmented landscape.

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We acknowledge the Bindjareb Noongar people as Traditional Custodians of this land and pay our respects to all Elders past and present.