Our Partners


Alcoa of Australia has supported Greening Australia in partnership since 1982, making this the longest community – business partnership in Australia, achieving significant environmental on-ground outcomes.

Greening Australia and Alcoa of Australia have extended one of Australia’s most successful corporate and environmental partnerships to a record 40 years by committing to continuing targeted restoration work on the Harvey River, made possible through funding from the Alcoa Foundation’s Three Rivers, One Estuary initiative.

This work builds on the restoration projects and activities undertaken by the partnership so far, including:


 Helping the Harvey – Funded by the Alcoa Foundation, this project brings together organisations, industry, government, scientists, local community, landholders, and Traditional Owners to restore river function and diversity to the highly degraded lower reaches of the Harvey River, in the south-west of Western Australia.



 Three Rivers, One Estuary – Funded by the Alcoa Foundation, this initiative brought together a range of committed organisations, including Greening Australiato improve the health of the Harvey, Serpentine and Murray rivers: three key waterways in the Peel Region of south-west Western Australia. Over the three years Greening Australia added 42,000+ seedlings to 13 sites along the three rivers and engaged 640+ members of the community in restoration activities. 



 One Million Trees  Alcoa and Greening Australia partnered to preserve and enhance unique environments in the Peel BioLink and Habitat 141. The project involved more than one thousand community members and landowners helping to plant over one million trees, shrubs and understorey plantsto capture thousands of tonnes of CO2 and restore degraded habitats. 


Greening Australia is grateful for the long-term support and partnership with Alcoa of Australia on restoration of key ecological assets and biodiversity corridors.

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Alcoa and Greening Australia staff members amongst a planting group at a site in the Peel region. Credit Jesse Collins.