Great Southern Landscapes

Habitat 141

Habitat 141 is a long-term response to restore the landscape along the 141st longitude, and to provide strong environmental benefits for future generations.

Key facts


Nationally recognised biodiversity hotspots


National Parks

18 million ha

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Habitat 141 is a long-term, collective response to habitat fragmentation and climate change along the 141st longitude. This biodiversity hotspot stretches from the wild coast of South Australia, along the Victorian border, and up to the rugged rangelands of New South Wales. It serves as a significant opportunity to invest in some of our most key landscapes and to provide strong environmental benefits for generations to come.

The Challenge

Like many of Australia’s productive agricultural regions, the landscapes of Habitat 141 have suffered disproportionate loss and degradation of habitat over many centuries. Small and often isolated remnants of habitat still support a high number of threatened and endangered species, however biodiversity loss continues at an alarming rate.

By isolating previously connected areas of land, plants and animals lose their ability to move between suitable environments in search of food, habitat and breeding partners. This forces them to travel across largely open agricultural areas where they are vulnerable to environmental threats and predators.

The Solution

Habitat 141 is a 50 year long vision, which brings together local landholders, businesses and government to restore and reconnect the iconic landscapes along the 141st longitude. These environments are some of the last few places in Australia where extensive wilderness areas form a series of stepping stones from the south coast right through to the arid zone. These patches of wilderness are surrounded by some of the most highly modified and fragmented ecosystems in Australia. Furthermore, by restoring and reconnecting habitat within this agricultural region we enable native wildlife and plants to move more easily across the landscape again.

Supported by an alliance of active partner organisations from South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, Greening Australia is leading the on-ground stakeholder action group ‘Habitat 141 Woodlands and Wetlands’. This group engages landholders, individuals, land managers and project officers to share information, plan projects and get involved in delivering on-ground work.

Priorities for action across the landscape are captured in comprehensive Conservation Action Plans. These include our aim to increase the cover of six critically endangered woodland and grassy woodland communities to 5% of their original extent. Additionally, we want to protect and enhance a number of wetlands to provide drought refuge for highly mobile species. These actions will have a profound long-term impact on increasing connectivity across the landscape and provide habitat for a diverse range of threatened species.

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