New Video: What we’re up to in WA

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We’re involved in a diverse range of projects in WA – and not just tree planting. These activities include:

  • Seed collection: understanding the importance of the correct timing to collect each species is essential because viability can be greatly affected if seed is collected at an immature stage. And many species shed seed quickly when mature. Collecting can therefore have a very small window of opportunity.
  • Plant identification: it is important to know the species you are collecting seed from for future reference. If the species is unknown, plant samples should be taken and identification followed up.
  • Education and training: we think it’s important to engage students who are studying environment and agricultural degrees – and to promote the benefits of biodiverse planting for land reclamation, revegetation and native fodder systems. Results from academic studies also help to answer questions such as which seed pre-treatments are required to break seed dormancy.
  • Feral pest control: The negative impact on revegetation projects from feral pests, especially rabbits, is often underestimated. This are of our work will quantify the impact rabbits have on revegetation work. The results will then be available for inclusion in education material and for presentations.
  • Monitoring bird populations: Anecdotal evidence suggests bird species increase when revegetation work is undertaken. This project aims to identify which species return to sites first and the numbers present at different locations. Results will then be compared with the plant species used at each location and future plantings can be tailored to attract specific bird species.

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