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By becoming a member of Greening Australia, you are supporting our work and driving practical action to create healthy, productive landscapes across Australia so that nature and people can thrive.

Australia is one of the world’s most diverse continents but over time we have lost much of our native habitat, putting our unique plants and animals, and our most precious landscapes at risk.

With your support we are working collaboratively with partners, landholders, businesses and government to reverse the decline: putting millions of plants into the ground every year, creating and relinking thousands of hectares of habitat and offsetting tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions.

As a Greening Australia member, you will receive invitations to special events including our AGM, our monthly enewsletter ‘The Leaf’ and great local offers and discounts.

Do something amazing for our environment today and become a Greening Australia member from just $5 a month.

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