Meet Jess the Tree Change Doll

Tree Change Dolls® are the creation of Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh. Sonia recycles, repairs and upcycles forgotten and discarded dolls. And now she has very kindly offer to donate the proceeds from her latest doll, Jess, to Greening Australia.

Here’s Jess’s story:

“Hi, my name is Jess! I’m lucky to live in the beautiful Tasmanian countryside where I love exploring and spending time in nature. When I play in the bush land near my home Snuffles the wombat is never far away. I rescued Snuffles as a baby wombat and it makes me happy that he still enjoys my company.

My older sister is a botanist and she has taught me to identify native plants and flowers around our home. She has also taught me how important plants are for our unique Tasmanian animals. They need the native plants for food and shelter. On weekends I enjoy helping care for native animal habitats by volunteering with Greening Australia to plant trees and other native plants as part of their Tasmanian Midlands Restoration Project.”

Jess – who comes with a small knitted wombat – is currently being auctioned on ebay so take a look now if you want to be in with a chance of buying her. 80% of the sale price will be donated to our Tasmanian Midlands Restoration Project (the rest will cover eBay fees and postage).

For more information about Sonia and the Tree Change Dolls visit

Tree Change Doll Jess Tree Change Doll Jess

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