Many hands can create great results

Check out the great results we’ve achieved with help from our Shell volunteers in a number of projects in Western Australia.

5 events
104 participants
5760 seedlings planted
7ha revegetated
13m2 of mulch spread
500 tree guards installed
1.3kg native seed spread.
40m2 floating islands created

We worked with the ‘Friends of Yellagonga’ group to help create native plant habitat to maintain and restore this ecologically sensitive wetland system and to establish floating islands to create habitat on, and nutrient stripping from, the waters within the wetland system.

We planted a site on the Murray river to create habitat for Carnaby’s Cockatoos and to form part of the Peel Biolink project.

Participants also worked with the Murray Districts Aboriginal Association to help establish bush tucker plants for future food enterprise and cultural awareness tours.

We helped a Mt Pleasant community group restore and plant native species in a disused park/drainage area for local bird habitat (Boobook Owl and Carnaby’s Cockatoos) and improve green spaces within an urban environment.

And the hard work at one of our sites, Yaraguire farm and it’s seed production area, is now showing results with lots of germination and growth from the seed and seedlings planted, We are about to start collecting the seeds produced from these plants to assist in our future revegetation efforts in the West Australian wheatbelt.

We are looking forward to more great events and achievements in 2016.

Thanks Shell and all those who participated.