Local children take part in Cultural Awareness program at the Gippsland Lakes

Greening Australia today conducted a Cultural Awareness seminar with local primary school students as part of National Reconciliation Week.

Over 120 children from five primary schools worked with two Indigenous presenters on bush-tucker, storytelling, dancing, spear throwing and more.

The session was held on the banks of the Gippsland Lakes at the Lake Wellington Yacht Club and was funded by the State Government of Victoria through the Gippsland Lakes Environment Fund.

Our Gippsland Regional Manager, Martin Potts said the day started at Marlay Point, with Gunai Kurnai elder and artist Alfie Hudson running cultural awareness activities including Gunai Kurnai dance, art and storytelling and Cassie Harrap ran a bush-tucker activities.

“The aim of the day was for students to learn more about the local Aboriginal people and their culture, the Gunai Kurnai, learn more about their local environment especially indigenous plants and animals and produce an art-work based on the symbols of the Gunai Kurnai people.

“As the day progressed the students were able to use the Gunai Kurnai symbols and some of the bush tucker and plants they have learnt about to create an art work with Alfie Hudson telling a story about Lake Wellington and Indigenous people’s ( or their own) connection to it.

“Greening Australia has a strong focus on engagement with young people to learn about being custodians of landscapes for the future, and we see having a deep understanding of the culture of a location as been central to that.” Mr Potts said.

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