‘Green Cities’ program underway in Adelaide

Two out of every three Australians currently live in or close to our capital cities, and this number is increasing. In these rapidly expanding urban landscapes, our connection with and access to nature is diminishing, often to the detriment of the community and the environment.

In Adelaide, Greening Australia is therefore partnering with a diverse group of stakeholders to help make Adelaide a ‘Green City’ of the future. An initial planning process is underway to identify assets and threats, and propose strategies to protect and improve both nature and liveability within the urban landscape. As part of this, more than 70 people from 40 organisations have contributed to a series of workshops, facilitated by Greening Australia’s expert coaches, using the globally-recognised Conservation Action Planning process.

“The Adelaide Conservation Action Planning process is an important opportunity to support and validate the strategic planning work across metropolitan Adelaide.  Greener, more liveable cities are fundamental to sustainable futures,” said Hugh Kneebone, Manager NRM Education and Urban Engagement of Natural Resource Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges.

To date, over 100 community volunteers have helped plant trees and shrubs in an important urban biodiversity corridor along the River Torrens. In the future, strategic actions from the program will help to guide investment in environmental projects to improve the quality of life for Adelaide residents.