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Climate Future Plots

Greening Australia project staff in Gippsland, Victoria

Climate Future Plots are areas of revegetated and restored land which incorporate genetic and/or species diversity to enhance habitat resilience to the uncertain and unpredictable effects of climate change.

Addressing the impacts of climate change can be overwhelming, but there are already many things you can do to help nature adapt to a changing climate. Greening Australia and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) have worked with a range of organisations to develop guidelines for community groups and agencies to build this program.

Building Climate Future Plots will help improve the resilience of plants in your neighbourhood to climate change. The plots are areas of revegetated and restored land that include plant genetics from different climates. This means that, as the climate changes, these plant communities will be better equipped to change with it.

Benefits of Climate Future Plots

• Develop climate-resilient habitat by creating natural areas that maintain ecosystem function in uncertain climate scenarios.
• Act as nursery sites due to their high genetic diversity.
• Enable testing of predictions and proposed management strategies under a changing climate.
• Inform future adaptive management by showing how species respond to climate interventions.
• Enable community engagement and awareness by providing opportunities to work together.

How are they created?

How Climate Future Plots work

The Climate Future Plots program includes a guide as well as a program of interactive workshops to provide you with knowledge of how to plan revegetation under a changing climate, including working out what your future climate will look like, and how to select the appropriate species and provenances to plant.

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