Greening Australia and Officeworks launch fifth year of tree-planting partnership

Planting has commenced for the fifth year of our partnership with Officeworks as part of their tree-planting initiative, Restoring Australia.

Light and dark green tree tops dispersed among long, light-brown grasses with a blue but cloudy sky at Arthursleigh Farm.

Progress of tree growth at Arthursleigh Farm. This property was part of the first Restoring Australia tree-planting, and is showing significant growth after just 5 years. Credit: Toby Peet.

Launched in 2017 as part of Officeworks’ commitment to make positive difference to people and the planet, the Restoring Australia initiative has a goal to plant two million trees nationally by 2025 and plants two trees for every one ‘used’ to make paper-based products, based on the weight of products customers purchase at Officeworks.

In 2022 more than 240,000 native trees will be planted in three regions between June – November, helping to restore Australia’s natural landscape and biodiversity; helping threatened species and; supporting Indigenous land management practices, local communities and landholders.

Great Southern Landscapes Program Specialist Ian Rayner - wearing a dark blue Greening Australia jacket and white cap - (left) inspecting the growth of trees on Arthursleigh Farm after 5 (five) years alongside Farm Manager, Steve (right).

Great Southern Landscapes Program Specialist Ian Rayner (left) inspecting the growth of trees on Arthursleigh Farm after 5 years alongside Farm Manager, Steve (right). Credit: Toby Peet.

The partnership celebrated planting its one millionth tree last year and Officeworks Head of ESG and Corporate Affairs, Ryan Swenson said the next million trees will help restore Australian landscapes and make a positive impact for people and the planet.

“We have a huge goal to plant two million trees by 2025 with the help of our customers, our team members and planting partner Greening Australia. We were thrilled to reach the million tree mark last year and now we are ready to start planting our next million trees. Through our five years of partnership with Greening Australia we’ve also been able to support local landholders and communities to regenerate land where some of these natural landscapes have been lost,” Mr Swenson said.

“We’re focused on supporting people and the planet, and, like our customers, we recognise the important role that tree planting and large scale land restoration can play in taking meaningful climate action. Through Restoring Australia, Officeworks is committed to helping customers make more sustainable choices when they shop with us and to help create lasting, positive change for people and the planet.

“We want our customers to know that by buying their paper and wood-based products from Officeworks, they’re helping to restore Australia’s natural environment.”

The new Restoring Australia planting season will focus on sites including the West Australian Wheatbelt, the Victorian Otways and the Tasmanian Midlands. Plantings will support the rehabilitation of vulnerable, threatened and endangered species including Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo in WA; the Swamp Antechinus in Victoria; and in Tasmania the Tasmanian Devil, Spotted-Tail Quoll, Wedge Tailed Eagle, Masked Owl and the Eastern Barred Bandicoot.

Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo; one of many species the Restoring Australia tree-planting initiative is working to support.

Greening Australia CEO, Brendan Foran, said: “We know that overcoming our biggest environmental challenges – climate change and biodiversity loss – will require ambitious cross-sector collaboration. Partners like Officeworks enable Greening Australia to complete vital restoration work that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, helping to protect Australia’s unique and diverse landscapes. Together, we are working to create transformative change that benefits people and the planet, now and in the future.”

Restoring Australia is part of Officeworks’ People & Planet Positive 2025 commitments that support the aspirations of its team members and communities, reducing environmental impacts, and sourcing products in sustainable and responsible ways.

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