Greening Australia and Conscious Investment Management partner to acquire and restore Australian landscapes backed by innovative financing model

Greening Australia and CIM team members at the newly purchased property located in the Snowy Monaro region of NSW.

Greening Australia has partnered with impact investment firm, Conscious Investment Management (CIM), to deliver biodiverse environmental planting projects across Australia.

Earlier this week, the parties made their first investment with the purchase of a 755-hectare property in Southern NSW, with plans to plant approximately 140,000 native trees and shrubs on the property in 2025. The land parcel is located in the Snowy Monaro region, approximately 2.5 hours southwest of Canberra. Typical Snowy Mountains sheep grazing country, the area has a legacy of clearing and has piqued the interest of universities and local and state governments due to its alarming signs of biodiversity loss and vulnerability.

Restoration of the property is designed to benefit several nationally listed woodland bird species including the Hooded Robin, Diamond Firetail and Southern Whiteface, and will contribute to the recovery of the critically endangered Monaro Tableland Cool Temperate Grassy Woodland vegetation community. The planting design focuses on diverse native species endemic to the area with the goal of supporting conservation of native wildlife by creating and connecting habitat across the landscape. Long-term climate resilience is also a key consideration.

Restoration planning is underway to transform the property from grazing land to a biodiversity corridor.

Greening Australia says its purchase of the property and partnership with CIM is a pivotal moment to help scale up restoration across Australia.

“This property is an uncommon beauty in an ecologically significant location. Restoration of the property will create and link critical habitat for native species whilst storing carbon and delivering co-benefits for the local community. Our partnership with CIM will channel investment into further property acquisitions for biodiverse environmental planting projects like this one, helping scale our vital restoration work through the power of environmental markets,” says Heather Campbell, CEO of Greening Australia.

The parties have plans to register the property as an environmental plantings project via the Clean Energy Regulator with a 100-year permanence period. Greening Australia will act as landowner and project developer and CIM has provided innovative financing for the project with repayments linked to the generation and sale of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) through the environmental planting methodology.

The newly purchased property sits along the banks of the Murrumbidgee River, which provides habitat for native species such as platypuses.

Casey Taylor, Executive Director at CIM, says the partnership establishes a scalable framework to support Greening Australia’s mission to restore Australia’s diverse landscapes and protect biodiversity:

“Australia exhibits alarming rates of biodiversity collapse and species extinction. Our partnership with Greening Australia aims to deliver environmental planting projects with a focus on biodiversity and climate resilience and which structurally embed perpetual land custodianship.

“Having delivered biodiverse planting projects over their more than 40-year history, restoration is in Greening Australia’s DNA. They are a highly credentialed partner and we deeply value their onground expertise.

“We hope to replicate this project in other regions and continue to make a tangible, visible difference to Australian landscapes with the backing of our over 750 mission aligned investors.”

This property marks the second natural capital investment by CIM, having recently provided financing to the Kullilli Bulloo River Aboriginal Corporation to acquire and regenerate a parcel of their native title land in South-West Queensland.

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