Bangladeshi community celebrate National Tree Day

On Saturday 16th July, the NSW Bangladeshi community celebrated their first ever National Tree Day with Greening Australia at our Sydney Community Restoration site.

This event was organised by Bangladeshi Ag. Graduates living in Australia. 33 members of this culturally and linguistically diverse community participated in this event and planted over 400 native plants.

For many people this was the first time they had taken part in anything like this. The group were excited and motivated to be getting their hands restoring part of the Cumberland Plain Woodland, a critically endangered ecosystem of Western Sydney.

Greening Australia has a long term program to restore and expand the Cumberland Plain Woodland and we’re always really excited to have community and interest groups working beside us in this hidden bushland of Sydney.

The Bangladeshi Ag. Graduates Group had such a good time that they are now on a mission to spread the word with their friends, families and colleagues to build a regular group of participants in various activities offered by Greening Australia. The aim is to double the number of people in their group for National Tree Day event 2017.

Greening Australia’s Sydney hub hosted and facilitated this event through our Cumberland Stepping Stones program. This project is supported by Greening Australia through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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