We are proud to share with you Greening Australia’s Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2021-2023. This Plan is a significant step for Greening Australia, representing our commitment to continually seek greater understanding, change our ways, and make a more meaningful contribution to reconciliation in Australia through our work, people and sphere of influence.

The Reconciliation Action Plan outlines direct actions which Greening Australia will deliver over the next two years towards our vision for reconciliation: Healthy and productive landscapes enabling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, Cultures, and enterprise to thrive on Country.

Read more about our commitment and planned actions in the Reconciliation Action Plan.


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Download a PDF of the RAP

About the art and the artist

The incredible artwork featured in our Reconciliation Action Plan 2021-2023 (also the banner image for this page) is by Noongar artist, Bradley Kickett.

Bradley is descended from the Kickett clan in York, Western Australia, and began his journey with painting in 2007. Bradley’s style of art is abstract with paintings depicted from an aerial view and illustrated in a fluid style. Bradley’s art pieces are influenced by experiencing Noongar country from the oceans to the rivers, seeing the wildflowers and the land from the air, and showing the flow and the shapes of the earth. These images are all interwoven with the history and the stories that are shared and passed down to him from his family and Elders.

In this video, Bradley speaks about his process and inspiration for this artwork.


In presenting this Reconciliation Action Plan, we especially wish to thank the members of Greening Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee. Throughout the process they have guided discussion, encouraged learning, and contributed a wealth of combined experiences to ensure this action plan is collaborative and inclusive.

Our thanks also to our RAP Working Group, made up of Greening Australia team members from across the organisation representing our major programs and business units, including members from our national leadership group, operating with the full commitment and endorsement of our national Board. We especially recognise our RAP Champion, Renay Gamble, and RAP Leads Anne Smith and Michelle Frankel, for their committed support of the process.

We express our gratitude to the Stepnell Family and Norman Family Trust for their generous support of the development of Greening Australia’s Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan.