Aboriginal Fire Trail at the Sustainability Learning Centre

The Patrula Trail in Tasmania is raising awareness of the effects of fire in bushland.

Patrula means fire in palawa kani, a composite language retrieved from documentary evidence and community memory of the probable six to twelve original languages of Tasmania. The trail, located at the Sustainability Learning Centre, aims to raise awareness of the effects of fire in bushland.

Our eucalypt forests rely on fire for regeneration and provide habitat hollows for wildlife. A warmer drier climate increases the risk of more frequent and intense fires which can be a threat to property and lives. Fire is both our friend and foe.

The trail explores an area in Mount Nelson bushland on which the fire service carried out a cool burn in 2014, similar to an Aboriginal mosaic burn.

Visitors can explore Aboriginal fire management and plant adaptations on the trail hot spots where information can be scanned with QR codes – also available here.

The trail is a one kilometre loop over established tracks.

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