We’re helping to plant 20 Million Trees by 2020

We’re proud to be one of the service providers for the Federal Government’s 20 Million Trees Programme.

We’ll be undertaking large-scale landscape restoration to re-establish threatened plant communities, and build green corridors across Australia, providing vital habitat for threatened animals, engaging local communities in conservation and reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

We have previously announced 14 projects under the 20 Million Trees Programme, and we’ve just had five additional projects announced to make us one of the leading providers for the programme.

Glossy Black Cockatoo Project: Eastern Kangaroo Island sites, Fisheries Beach and Deep Creek (South Australia) – Restoring habitat, primarily for the Glossy Black-Cockatoo (Kangaroo Island)

Western Quoll Recovery on Wardang Island, Point Pearce (South Australia) – Revegetation of cleared land on Wardang Island prior to planned reintroductions of the Brushtail Bettong and Western Quoll.

South West State Forests – Red Tailed Black Cockatoo (critical) (Victoria) – Restoring 2,000ha of overstorey habitat to increase food supply for the endangered Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, also benefitting a range of other threatened woodland fauna.

Saving Mallee Fowl in the Yarra Yarra (Western Australia) – Strategic restoration of 300 ha of cleared farmland to increase the extent and connectivity of habitat for the nationally vulnerable Malleefowl and other threatened species.

Raukkan Indigenous community recovery of Threatened Flora (South Australia) – Establishing native vegetation buffers on saltmarsh habitat to protect and enhance threatened plant species in the Ngarrindjeri community at Raukkan on Narrung Peninsula adjacent to Lake Alexandrina.

The 20 Million Trees Programme is part of the National Landcare program and has four strategic objectives:

  • 20 million trees and associated understorey planted by 2020
  • Environment conservation
  • Community engagement
  • Carbon reduction

We are helping to deliver the 20 Million Tree Programme across the country from Western Australia to Tasmania and from South Australia to Darwin. Large-scale biodiverse tree planting has the potential to transform significant areas of the landscape, improve connectivity of important habitat and help protect and restore Australia’s threatened species.

Using a national network of expertise and infrastructure, including direct seeders, we have the skills and ability to successfully deliver the ambitious targets for this program. Those capabilities will also be supported and underpinned by our extensive network of fantastic community volunteers.

Over the years we have developed excellent relationships with landholders. Through the implementation of the 20 Million Trees programme, we will again work collaboratively with them to protect and restore the environment and make more sustainable and productive agriculture.

With such a large number of trees to be planted over large swathes of the Australian continent, our scientific staff will be employing the successful processes and techniques developed through many years of practical experience and research..

Supported by the Australian Government’s 20 Million Trees Programme (part of the National Landcare Programme) and Greening Australia.

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