Soil loss, nutrient loss and water pollution are major issues for agriculture and the environment. Greening Australia stops these issues at the source with Nature-based Solutions that rebuild eroding gullies and riverbanks, and construct or restore wetlands.

On grazing lands we stabilise eroding areas to keep valuable soil on farm, and re-establish groundcover and vegetation to protect and improve soil structure. This also keeps fine sediment and nutrients from polluting waterways.

On low value cropping land we also construct or restore wetlands to improve water quality as part of overall farm productivity improvements.

In the Great Barrier Reef catchments, there can be an extra benefit from implementing these Nature-based Solutions by providing verifiable water pollution reductions for purchase through the Reef Credits scheme, as well as a 25-year payment pipeline for landholders.

Landholders who are interested in working with us to implement Nature-based Solutions for their holdings can register interest via our landholder portal.

For all other enquiries about Greening Australia’s Nature-based Solutions, please complete this contact form.