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To make a real difference for our wildlife and landscapes, we need to work at scale across multiple habitats and ecosystems. As a small team with lots of work to be done, we rely on volunteers to lend a hand in our offices and on the ground. From helping out at your local Greening Australia nursery to planting trees to help restore our unique landscapes, we always have plenty of volunteer opportunities available.

Native Plant Nurseries

We currently have a native plant nursery open in Canberra, with opportunities for you to get involved. Native plants sit at the heart of everything we do, so helping out in our nursery is a chance for you to help return life to the landscape and lend local wildlife and communities a hand. Volunteering in our nursery might include establishing plants, collecting seeds or helping to control weeds. Get in touch to find out what opportunities are available at the Greening Australia nursery.

Bush Regeneration

Get your hands dirty helping us to restore some of Australia’s most precious landscapes. From planting native trees, to weeding and watering, you can help us create new homes for your wildlife. Let us know if you would like to get involved in helping to restore bushland in your local area by completing the form below.

Corporate Volunteering Days

Corporate volunteering is a chance for your business to develop and reward staff members, strengthen teams and connect with the local community. We can offer tailored events to suit your needs, so please get in touch by completing the form below if you’d like us to organise a corporate volunteering event for your business.

Help Out in the Office

As well as leading practical action to help the environment, we’ve got a dedicated behind-the-scenes team located in offices around the country. There are lots of opportunities to help out, from writing stories for the website to general administration. It’s also a great opportunity for you to learn new skills. If you think volunteering in one of our offices is for you, please get in touch by completing the form below.

Get in touch with us about becoming a volunteer

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