To celebrate 40 years of Greening Australia, we’ve partnered with Bank Australia to create the Money Tree.

Integrating iconic Australian species into the design using recycled and salvaged materials, the artwork demonstrates that choosing the economy and choosing the environment is not an either/or proposition.

Get involved: What does valuing nature mean to you?

How do you value nature in your everyday life? How do you think Australia and the global community can better value nature?

Take a photo of the Money Tree or share a snap of your favourite nature spot, tag us @greeningaustralia / @bankaust and use #IValueNature to help us keep the conversation going.

You can also decorate your own Money Tree by downloading this activity sheet!


White Paper

Valuing Nature: Climate Action and the Economy

In Australia and around the world, there remains a perceived tension between environmental action and economic progress. But in fact nature, communities and economies are all interconnected, and one can’t thrive without the others.

Our new White Paper highlights the economic and scientific data that backs this up and discusses the way forward.

View the White Paper

Greening Australia and Bank Australia’s partnership

Greening Australia and Bank Australia share a common commitment to create a world where people and the planet thrive. Bank Australia is the only bank in the world with a conservation reserve.

The reserve is home to 225 native plants and 234 native animal species, with 2,117 hectares of habitat protected in perpetuity. Greening Australia works together with Trust for Nature to ensure the reserve is managed as an outstanding example of science-led conservation and restoration, community engagement and reconciliation in practice.