Rare frog seen after good rains

“I’ve heard Golden Bell frogs at 3 sites today! Have a listen.”

Say what you like about Twitter and Youtube, but we think it’s amazing that our man in Gippsland, Martin Potts, was able to record and tell the world about this rare sighting straight from the shores of Lake Wellington. Scroll down to the video below to have a listen yourself.

The Green and Golden Bell Frogs were sighted in the wetlands fringing the Gippsland Lakes. The chorus of frog calls is an encouraging sign of the value of our work restoring these wetland habitats.

Recent good rain in the Gippsland Lakes catchment has provided a boost for this rare and threatened species. These frogs are great indicators of healthy wetland environments and the work we’re doing with Wildlife Unlimited and other community groups in monitoring and improving the health of the lakes has contributed to their return.

The international importance of the Gippsland Lakes wetland environment is partly due to its role as a home for rare native species, including these frogs.

Sighted frogs yourself?

If you hear or see frogs yourself, you can report them on the Wildlife Unlimited web site. This will help with the conservation effort to protect them.

The Gippsland Lakes Environment Fund supports the Lake Wellington Wetlands Connectivity Project and the Wildlife Hotspots project, which are both important and successful programs for wildlife and habitat protection.