Put yourself ‘on the edge’ for the Tassie devil

We are thrilled to be a partner of Edge Pledge, an innovative new challenge-based fundraising platform to raise money for wildlife on the brink of extinction and you can join in the fun.  

Edge Pledge, launched on the 15th of August, enables anyone (and everyone) to become an Extinction Fighter by putting themselves ‘on the edge’ for wildlife.

Each pledger selects three unique challenges (their pledge) which friends, family and fans then vote on by donating to the project. Pledgers then complete the most popular challenge, as voted by their supporters, and document their experience on social media.

A growing list of celebrities, including actress Anna McGahan, comedian Tommy Little and television host Ash London, have stepped outside of their comfort zone to raise much needed funds for a variety of wildlife.

This includes the Tasmanian devil, one of two species that we are using the new platform to raise funds for. Lack of habitat, along with the devastating devil facial tumour disease, is decimating populations of the marsupial across Tasmania.

“Tasmanian devils are an iconic and special part of the Australian landscape. We are excited to be using this creative new platform to inspire people to pledge their support for this unique marsupial,” says Brendan Foran, Greening Australia’s Chief Executive Officer.

Greening Australia will use the funds raised to work collaboratively with landholders to restore and reconnect habitat on cleared farmland, and with scientists to research and understand devil habitat needs. 

The campaign forms part of our Island Ark program which has been progressively restoring and rebuilding natural connections across the midlands of Tasmania. Over 1,000 hectares of critical habitat have already been rebuilt or restored in the biodiversity hotspot.  

Edge Pledge is the brainchild of Sam Marwood, an environmental scientist with over a decade’s experience in policy, planning and managing Victoria’s natural environment.

“It is a thrill to work alongside Greening Australia, an organisation I have admired from a young age, and to help them to deliver this great project. The Tassie devil is one of our last top order predators in Australia – there is no way that we can let them meet the same end as the Tasmanian tiger. I am passionate about doing anything we can to help them to thrive again,” says Sam Marwood.

Edge Pledge runs for six weeks every year with the current round wrapping up at the end of September.

To date the platform has already raised over $10,000 and momentum is continuing to build.  

Take the pledge for our Tasmanian devils today at www.edgepledge.com/wildlife-projects/tasmanian-devil.

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