Point Advisory and Biodiverse Carbon (now Canopy) launch NatureCo, a global nature-based solutions business

Point Advisory, a leading international sustainability strategy firm, and Biodiverse Carbon (now Canopy), a subsidiary company of Greening Australia, have announced the launch of NatureCo – a new global advisory and project development business that will deliver nature-based solutions for businesses and investors.  

A Greening Australia carbon project in Peniup, WA

In response to rapidly growing global demand for high integrity nature-based solutions to support business climate and corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, NatureCo will prioritise the development of carbon and other environmental credit projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere and deliver tangible co-benefits to local communities and economies. Nature-based solutions include reforestation, avoided deforestation, river and wetland restoration and blue carbon.

NatureCo’s work will focus on Asian, African and Latin American markets where large-scale restoration of natural ecosystems can generate carbon, water quality and biodiversity credits that benefit communities and the global climate.

Point Advisory, CEO & Co-founder, Neil Salisbury said: “With the launch of NatureCo, we’re excited to offer global businesses and investors a trusted and experienced partner that makes nature-based climate solutions easy, cost-effective and impactful.

“By partnering with Biodiverse Carbon and leveraging each of our strengths, we can scale up action on climate change mitigation, adaptation and meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Nature based solutions such as conservation of natural ecosystems and restoration of degraded land are critical to the transition to a net-zero economy.  I believe our combined skills of project origination, project development and environmental market expertise places us in a unique position to offer innovative solutions to our clients across their global value chain.”

In 2016, the International Finance Corporation estimated that US$23 trillion in investment will be required to meet the Paris Climate Agreement by 2030 and more recently, the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets forecasted the global voluntary carbon credit sales industry to be worth up to US$50 billion per annum by 2030. Nature-based climate solutions will be a major contributor to meeting the world’s net zero targets with one-third of all carbon emission reductions able to be achieved through the restoration and protection of natural ecosystems.

Biodiverse Carbon CEO, Todd Berkinshaw said: “The global demand from multi-national and listed companies for nature-based solutions to support climate and CSR strategies has grown exponentially over the past year. This unprecedented demand requires trusted environmental markets organisations to support businesses to make informed investment choices and offer nature-based project investment opportunities aligned to their geographical or social-environmental priorities.

“This exciting new NatureCo partnership builds on the individual strengths of Biodiverse Carbon (now Canopy) and Point Advisory, leveraging our deep technical knowledge of environmental credit markets, extensive global network of partners and collaborators, and aligned values of creating meaningful outcomes and impact.”

To learn more about NatureCo, visit natureco.net.