Pledge to be a champion for our wildlife

To help raise money for wildlife on the brink of extinction we have partnered with Edge Pledge again this year, an innovative challenge-based fundraising platform (

The second season of Edge Pledge, which launched on the 12th of August, enables anyone and everyone to become an extinction fighter by putting themselves ‘on the edge’ for wildlife.

This year, we are raising funds for four unique native animals under pressure – the Eastern Bettong, Tasmanian Devil, Orange Clownfish and coral on the Great Barrier Reef.

Pledgers raise funds by selecting three unique challenges (which forms their pledge) which friends, family and fans then vote on. Pledgers then complete the most popular challenge as voted by their supporters and document their experience on social media.

Last year a host of celebrities took up the call, including actress Anna McGahan, comedian Tommy Little and television host Ash London.

“Edge Pledge is a fun and easy way for people to pledge their support for some irreplaceable Australian animals and the beautiful landscapes in which they live. Together we can fight extinction and ensure future generations get a chance to see these iconic species in the wild,” says Pauline Rawling, Greening Australia’s Acting Chief Executive Officer.

All funds raised will be used for critical on-ground work as part of Greening Australia’s Tasmania Island Ark and Reef Aid programs. This includes working with landholders in the Tasmanian Midlands to create and relink habitat, and improving water quality on the Great Barrier Reef by rebuilding eroding gullies and restoring coastal wetlands.

Edge Pledge is the brainchild of Sam Marwood, an environmental scientist with over a decade’s experience in policy, planning and managing Victoria’s natural environment.

“It is a thrill to work alongside Greening Australia, an organisation I have admired from a young age, and to help them to deliver these great projects. I am passionate about doing anything we can to help these irreplaceable animals to thrive again,” says Sam.

The 2017 Edge Pledge season wraps up at the end of September.

Take the pledge for our wildlife today at