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Renay Gamble

Renay leads a national team of People, Culture and Safety specialists who support an enduring and capable workforce underpinned by mutual engagement, safety leadership and an aligned culture.  The People Culture & Safety team establish a values exchange around trust, innovation, diversity, development and performance so that Greening Australia can attract and retain the best employees whilst meeting its business objectives.  Our absolute objective is that “everyone arrives home safety everyday” and this is achieved through executive sponsorship, practical learning and a high level of employee safety literacy.

Renay has worked for Greening Australia for 10 years.  Renay is an accomplished Human Resource generalist with over 20 years’ experience leading and facilitating the design and implementation of human resource management systems and strategies to enable the achievement of business goals.  Renay has worked for commercial organisations in the technical and defence industry, both of which were listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange respectively.

Renay has a Bachelor in Arts (Psychology) from the University of Western Australia and a Diploma of Business (Governance) from the Institute of Community Directors Australia.

On behalf of Greening Australia, Renay has been awarded the following accolades in 2018 & 2019:

“Winner” in the category: Best Communication of a Safety Message

Highly Commended” in the category: Best Safety Leadership Program

Finalist in the category: Human Resource Management Excellence