Dr Lynise Wearne

Lynise Wearne. Credit Annette Ruzicka

Lynise is a highly skilled and passionate ecologist with a PhD from La Trobe University in Melbourne and over 15 years’ experience working within professional environmental consulting firms in the educational and government sectors. She has been instrumental in developing Reef Aid, Greening Australia’s major program to improve water quality on the Great Barrier Reef.

Lynise has significant experience in delivering numerous terrestrial and aquatic environmental and conservation projects throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. This has included designing and being responsible for the delivery and analysis of large complex research projects, field assessment protocols, vegetation classification, flora and fauna identification, mapping, stakeholder engagement and determining best practice mitigation and management.

During completion of her PhD, Lynise worked with Parks Victoria on a large scale best practice management program for Cytisus scoparius, and as a post-fire management officer.  After finishing her studies she went on to work as a researcher with CSIRO on the ecology and management of invasive macrophytes in northern Australian wetlands which involved working closely with local indigenous land managers.

Just prior to joining Greening Australia in 2016, Lynise worked as a Senior Ecologist for the Queensland Government within their Carbon Accumulation Through Ecosystem Recovery project, managing numerous complex projects while also working as an ecological consultant.

During her career Lynise has been involved in numerous publications, presentations and organisation of workshops, and is a highly respected expert in her field.

I developed a great passion and interest in the environment from a young age thanks to my teachers and later PhD supervisor. My position at Greening Australia enables me to combine this passion for research/science and the on-ground application of this knowledge at a scale that will actually make a measurable difference. In addition, I get to work alongside a range of people and organisations who also share my love for the environment.

Dr Lynise Wearne