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Dr Blair Parsons

Blair holds a PhD in Zoology from the University of Western Australia and has over 15 years of experience in ecological research, management and consultancy working across much of Western Australia.

Prior to joining Greening Australia, Blair led an ecological consultancy team, conducting biodiversity surveys, threatened species monitoring programmes, environmental impact assessments and biodiversity offsets. His previous roles have also included working for CSIRO as part of a collaborative research team focused on applying conservation theory to the environment, and as a Spatial Ecologist for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Blair’s specialisations and research experience include landscape ecology, terrestrial vertebrate ecology, Conservation Action Planning, threatened species monitoring and conservation management, GIS and habitat and distribution modelling.

Blair maintains strong links across a range of sectors including academia, government, industry, consultancy and natural resource management. Before taking on the role of Science and Program Leader for our Western Region in 2018, he worked for three years as Greening Australia’s Director of Conservation for WA/NT, overseeing our operations and leading business development, strategy and research direction.

Blair is a member of Birdlife Australia WA’s Executive Committee, and is part of the National Malleefowl Recovery Team and WA Malleefowl Recovery Group.

Collectively, we have a responsibility in Australia to ensure that our incredible biodiversity is valued, conserved and restored. With Greening Australia, I am fortunate to be able to collaborate and work with amazing people across a vast range of landscapes to further this mission and achieve genuine biodiversity gains.

Dr Blair Parsons