Our Partners


From 2018, we’ve partnered with Sukin, Australia’s favourite natural skincare brand, to help save the Great Barrier Reef and facilitate the company’s commitment to being Carbon Neutral through Greening Australia’s carbon trading arm – Canopy.

This partnership further strengthens Sukin’s commitment to the environment, giving you peace of mind that the Sukin product you use, will not negatively impact on our precious environment.

Sukin’s support will focus on Greening Australia’s Reef Aid program, which helps to improve water quality on the Reef and stop sediment at its source by re-building eroding land and restoring vital coastal wetlands.

This partnership, through the Reef Aid program, will help to help stop sediment at its source and improve water quality. We are working with local landholders and communities across the Great Barrier Reef Catchment to rebuild eroding land and restore vital coastal wetlands.

Partner Involvement

Sukin is contributing to the restoration of 13.5 Hectares of inland gullies through the remediation and revegetation of native grass species. Initial works in this area (1.5 hectares restored) delivered a dramatic 97% reduction in suspended sediment concentration compared to non-restored areas.

Part of Greening Australia’s Priority Coastal Habitat and Wetlands project, Sukin will help in restoring 8 hectares of wetlands previously used to farm sugarcane. Within the broader project, 5,000 plants will be established as a part of this restoration, which will provide habitat for native bird species such as the little kingfisher, brolga and the peregrine falcon and improved water quality.

Raising Awareness

The partnership also provides a unique opportunity to reach a new audience of Sukin’s customers, helping to increase awareness of our work and brand, and the value of maintaining a healthy environment.

“Since we began back in 2007, Sukin has been dedicated to giving back to the environment, and that commitment remains in our brand DNA as a non-negotiable. Partnering with Reef Aid is one part of our proactive approach to not only minimising our brand’s environmental impact, but ensuring we play an active role in leaving our world in a better place. Since 2018, we have been working with Greening Australia to help save one of the most diverse and beautiful natural systems on earth, the Great Barrier Reef. Via Reef Aid, this globally relevant objective helps to drive awareness & much needed funding, and we’re very excited to see the next stage of Reef Aid unfold.”

Lauren Oetomo, Marketing Director APAC EMEA at Sukin