One Grant. Ten Thousand Native Plants.

Our work on the Peel Biolinks in Western Australia has just been given another huge boost. Just a month after launching the One Million Trees project we’ve been awarded an SGIO Community Grant to establish an incredible 10,000 native plants on a previously cleared site in the Shire of Waroona.

Back in March we were just one of the 1,200 organisations lodging an application for a share of the $650,000 funding pot. We wanted to bring together all parts of the local community to help continue our work to encourage native wildlife back to the site as part of the Nell’s Block Community Restoration Project.

And now that we’ve been awarded the grant – one of only 150 lucky organisations in Australia – it’s time to start the real work.

We’ll be teaming up with our community partners and over 200 local schoolchildren to continue the project in 2014 and beyond.

The project is already off to a great start, as these pictures show. Let’s just hope that in a few years time these students will be able to come back to Nell’s Block and catch a glimpse of a Carnaby’s black cockatoo, southern brown bandicoot, or the shy and elusive Fairy Wrens that inhabit the Swan Coastal Plain. 

If you’d like to get involved in Nell’s Block, the Peel Biolink or any of our other Australian landscape project please get in touch  or put your name down to receive our latest updates and opportunities.

Students planting seedlings Students planting seedlings

Students from Dardanup Primary

Students planting seedlings Students planting seedlings

Students from John Tonkin College