How our new partnership with Accor Hotels will help restore Australian landscapes

Our new partnership with the country’s biggest hotel operator will boost the ongoing restoration of three significant Australian landscapes.

As part of Accor’s Planet 21 sustainable development program and Plant for the Planet initiative, more than 50,000 trees will be planted over five years to support our large scale landscape restoration projects across the country.

Accor’s contribution will enable us to plant an extra 50,000 trees over five years in our large scale landscape restoration projects, which will make a huge difference. This will include helping to secure the future of species like the threatened Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo (pictured below).

What is also really important is that Accor will provide information to hotels guests around Australia about the program and how to become involved with Greening Australia.

Our research and experience has shown that just about everyone wants to help, but getting involved is the difficult bit. This partnership will amplify the efforts of thousands of hotel guests, with a small contribution collectively making a huge difference.

Chief Operating Officer Accor Pacific, Simon McGrath, said through the group’s sustainable development program, Planet 21, Accor is deepening its focus on preserving the ecosystems in which its hotels operate.

“We have taken our commitment to hotel sustainability to another level through our partnership with Greening Australia. Giving something back to restore and maintain our precious natural habitats situated near our hotel communities is crucial, particularly as we continue to expand our network.

“Planet 21 is as much about inviting our guests to join us on our sustainability journey as it is about engaging our employees and hotel owners to improve their sustainability performance, products and services. Through our partnership with Greening Australia we are putting large scale landscape restoration, and people and wildlife thriving together as a top priority for our organisation as we strive to leave our planet in good health for generations of hoteliers and guests to come.”

It is the small actions taken by Accor hotels which help contribute to the important work we’re carrying out across Australia, and guests can play an active role too. Hotel guests who re-use their towels and bed linen for more than one night help to conserve water and energy consumption, and these combined efforts can make a big difference.

Accor Hotels’ Plant for the Planet funds will directly contribute to the planting of trees at Greening Australia projects including:

Peel Biolink WA – The South West region of Western Australia is identified as one of the world’s 34 biodiversity hotspots, internationally recognised for the richness and diversity of the area’s native flora and fauna.

Habitat 141 – Habitat 141º is a fifty year project to restore and reconnect the iconic landscapes along the 141º longitude. This biodiversity hotspot stretches from the wild coast of South Australia, along the Victorian border, and up to the rugged rangelands of New South Wales.

Sydney’s Cumberland Plain Woodland – with less than 5% remaining and being in Australia’s most populated region, the Cumberland Plain Woodland is at serious risk of disappearing. It has over 300 native plant species and a large number of threatened and endangered species.

As part of Accor’s global Plant for the Planet initiative, the group’s LeClub Accorhotels loyalty program members can also contribute to reforestation. In exchange for just 2000 member points, hotel guests can enable eight trees to be planted to support the Alto Huayabamba reforestation project in Peruvian Amazonia. Accor is working to build on this program locally to enable its loyalty members to contribute to our projects too.

For more information contact Richard Gerathy on 0419 203 075

Carnaby Carnaby

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