Greening Australia's partnership with Officeworks reaches three year milestone

More than 1,400 hectares of land in Australia has been restored since the launch of Officeworks’ Restoring Australia initiative, which is celebrating its three-year anniversary this month.  

Landholder Charles Massy with plantings at his property in the NSW Monaro, with Greening Australia’s Nicki Taws

Launched in 2017 in partnership with Greening Australia, the initiative is part of Officeworks’ long-term commitment to making a positive difference to the environment.

Thanks to customers, the initiative plants two trees for every one used, based on the weight of paper-based products they buy at Officeworks. To date, 639,795 trees have been planted in 16 sites across Australia.

The initiative supports Australian native wildlife, local landholders and communities where natural landscapes have been lost.  Each of the planting sites across the country face their own unique challenges, and consultation from the Greening Australia team means individual solutions are designed to achieve the best environmental outcome for each. These can include the most suitable native species to plant in diverse sites such as the New South Wales Riverina or South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, or the type of habitat needed for native wildlife such as the Eastern Quolls and Bettongs in Tasmania or the Carnaby’s Cockatoo in Western Australia to thrive.

Officeworks staff planting in Colac on Victoria’s Volcanic Plains

Officeworks Managing Director, Sarah Hunter, said: “Through Restoring Australia, we are not only supporting native wildlife, landholders and communities that benefit through the tree planting and land restoration projects, but we are also empowering our customers to make more sustainable purchases simply by shopping with us.

“As a business, we recognise the importance of tree planting and land restoration, including the role it can play to towards limiting the effects of climate change. We’re thankful for our partnership with Greening Australia who are helping us achieve this.’’

Greening Australia, the initiative’s partner, is an environmental organisation working to restore Australia’s unique landscapes and protect biodiversity with science-led solutions based on decades of expertise.

Greening Australia CEO Brendan Foran, said: “Greening Australia is working towards ambitious goals to tackle Australia’s greatest environmental challenges at scale. Partnerships based on a mutual commitment to community and landscape restoration are crucial in enabling us to do this, so we are proud to deliver the on-ground work for the Restoring Australia initiative and to celebrate this three-year milestone.”

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