Greening Australia launched Reef Aid in 2016 to take practical action to help protect the Great Barrier Reef.

We’ve been working hard to rebuild eroding gullies and restore coastal wetlands across the catchment to address the Reef’s two greatest threats: climate change and poor water quality.

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What we've achieved in 5 years


Worth of projects delivered


Hectares of gullies and wetlands restored


Tonnes of sediment stopped from reaching the Reef

2030 goals for Reef Aid


Worth of projects delivered


Hectares of gullies and wetlands restored


Tonnes of sediment stopped for the Reef each year

Meet a few of the many people and places that have been part of the Reef Aid story so far.

Jacob Cassady – Mungalla Station

Nywaigi Country / Herbert River Catchment

Greening Australia proudly collaborates with Traditional Custodians to heal Sea Country and co-design economic opportunities for sustainable impact, supporting their visions for country and communities. Greening Australia restores coastal wetlands like those at Mungalla Station to provide habitat for threatened species and improve water quality for the Reef.

Dr Lynise Wearne – Landers Creek

Yilba, Yangga, Biri, and Gugu-Badhun Country / Burdekin River Catchment

Greening Australia works with landholders, like the Tudehopes at Landers Creek, to stabilise eroding gullies – reducing sediment run-off and improving water quality for the health of the Reef.

Lenny Parisi – Fig Tree Lagoon

Wayurr-Madjandji Country / Mulgrave River Catchment

Together with Lenny and Mulgrave Landcare, we’ve transformed marginal caneland into a wetland to filter nutrients from water flowing to the Reef. Greening Australia works with landholders like Lenny on innovative projects to modify existing drainage systems or construct treatment trains to reduce nutrient export to the Reef.

Jane Waterhouse – TropWater

Bindal and Wulgurukaba Country / Ross River Catchment

Greening Australia works closely with Reef researchers like those at TropWater to design and measure the outcomes of our Reef Aid restoration projects. With every project we’ve learned more about putting science into practice, refining our methods to achieve more effective outcomes.

Craig McGrogan – ReefHQ

Great Barrier Reef

From the land to the sea, Reef Aid is all about supporting the health of the Great Barrier Reef and the amazing diversity of life it supports, which Craig gets to see firsthand through his work at ReefHQ. For example, by reducing sediment run-off, we help protect seagrass meadows, a vital food source for many marine species including green turtles.