Galore carbon field day

The carbon market provides an opportunity to fund large scale revegetation and conservation projects on private land. Greening Australia has been partnering with local landholders for 40 years, and over the last 3 years helping them access the carbon market; providing the capital to accelerate their farm plans, generate their own carbon credits or secure additional sources of income from planting trees. Come and hear about the successes, lessons learnt and opportunities to get involved*


Attendees will be able to see examples of historical planting projects, hear from landholders how it fits within their farm plan, and Greening Australia staff can explain how the carbon market works and the types of projects that might be suitable for your land. Benefits may include:

▪ Capital investment in your farm (fencing, erosion control measures, livestock shelter)
▪ Derive an income from the sale of carbon credits
▪ Generate your own carbon credits (insetting)
▪ Attract wildlife such as Superb Parrots and other woodland birds

*Please note: Carbon projects generally require a minimum of 20-100 hectares (50-250 acres) to be planted. Non-carbon incentives are also available through Greening Australia’s Superb Parrot project.

This event is supported by the NSW Government’s Saving Our Species Program.

Further information: Contact Graham Fifield [email protected] 0447 436 715

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