DibbsBarker staff help us out

We teamed up with DibbsBarker to host a pot-planting event in Martin Place, helping to raise awareness about our conservation work in the Sydney area and beyond.

During a warm and sunny lunch hour, DibbsBarker staff worked alongside our expert green thumbs to pot up more than 300 native Australian seedlings that will be cared for by our volunteers before being planted in habitat restoration projects in the greater Sydney region, particularly  the area west of Sydney known as the Cumberland Plain Woodland. This is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, and we are working to restore and conserve degraded landscapes to ensure it is a place where both people and nature can thrive.

Through its community involvement program DibbsREACH, the firm supports Greening Australia as a key charity partner. Penny Murray, Partner and head of DibbsREACH, said: “Greening Australia is doing some truly incredible work and it was wonderful for our staff to have the chance to play a small but ‘hands-on’ part in the bigger picture. It was certainly a different way for most of us to spend a lunch hour, and everyone really enjoyed getting their hands dirty with an activity that will make a real difference.”